Accept me as Pakistani, not as Sunni, Shia, Ahmadi, Christian or Hindu…..

25 Jul

The targeting of minorities has to stop. That is the thought expressed by two discussants in the video and I share their views. Christians and Ahmadis are as Pakistanis as anyone else with an identification card and a passport. But who really owns this country can trigger a genuine debate. I met many Ahmadis and Christians who even after faced immense hardships are connected to this country more than any other Pakistani. They belong to this country but now they are loosing this sense of belonging after constant targeting and persecutions. The treatment they receive is of second rate citizens and the excuse ever provided is that their religious beliefs are different from the majority. Why the need has occurred to confuse citizens’ national identity with their religious beliefs? The identity of being a Pakistani is enough to enjoy all rights and respect. Any sort of discrimination and humiliation with any citizen on basis of his/her religion should be discouraged and it has to start from within. The day we accept our identity as a Pakistani rather Sunni Shia, Ahmadi, Hindu, or Christian, it will end all discrimination, misery and humiliation.

Forgotten Minorities of Pakistan

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Posted by on July 25, 2010 in Ahmadis, Blasphemy, Christians


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