Suspected Islamists shoot five Christians to death in Pakistan

31 Jul

Five more Christians faced the wrath of Islamic extremists who killed them in Sukkur to ensure the monopoly of Muslims in the area. A group of young armed gunmen opened fire at them as soon as they came out of Full Gospel Church after discussing the security situation. The killing was not abrupt, in fact the Sip-e-Sahaba, an Islamic extremist group–once banned, sent a threatening letter to the Church demanding Christians to leave the area.

Since 2008, Sip-e-Sahaba and Sunni Tehrik in collaboration with local madrassa students have been threatening the Church, which was executed on July 15th, 2010. The police of the area showed extreme apathy and refused to file any FIR in the wake of threats to Christians. Who is behind the killing is evident but there are some hidden actors who had an equal share in the tragic episode. The police job knows no religion or creed, and every citizen stands equal.

But here in all the cases against minorities, police plays a role of silent spectator and an unseen cooperation between extremists and police lead such mishaps. These religious extremists have crossed all the limits to be in any civilized society and I would call it a “mini underworld” or religious gangsters and blackmailers. This is equal to challenging the writ of the government where law enforcing agencies show helplessness against such extremists. Such organizations like Sip-e-Sahaba and Sunni Tehrik are not the defenders of Islam rather they have hurt the true spirit of Islam and all religions.

Those who call themselves Muslims and kill people to protect their monopoly and beliefs have no right to belong to any religion. The enemies of humanity should be banned for good. Due to the fear of Muslims, the media could not do its job and did not report the killing. What are we waiting for; to hear the sound of so called Muslims banging our doors to kill us under the pretext of religion? They have crushed the culture of tolerance to zero and now dreaming to live in a kingdom where they allow only those who agree to their version of Islam. Lets raise our voices against insensitivity and intolerance before it is too late………

Below is the story.
Christian Today

A dozen masked men shot five Christians to death as they came out of their church building in Sukkur, Pakistan, on July 15, two months after a banned Islamic extremist group sent church leaders a threatening letter, reports Compassion News Direct. According to CDN, Pastor Aaron John and church members Rohail Bhatti, Salman John, Abid Gill and Shamin Mall of the Full Gospel Church were leaving the church building after meeting to discuss security in light of threats they had received, said the pastor’s son, Shahid John. “As we came out of the church, a group of a dozen armed gunmen came and opened fire at us,” said Shahid John, who survived a bullet in his arm. Besides Shahid John, five others were wounded in the attack.

Kiran Rohail, widow of Rohail BhattiI, said church leaders had received a letter from Islamic extremist group Sip-e-Sahaba (formerly Sipah-e-Sahaba until it was banned) warning the Christians to leave the area.

According to CDN, the Sip-e-Sahaba and Sunni Tehrik extremist groups are both linked with an area madrassa (Islamic school). Their students had reportedly been threatening the church since 2008, Christian sources said.

Sources told CDN that the masked gunmen involved in the July 15 shooting had young physiques like those of students and that the manner of their attack gave the impression of trained extremists.

Sources believe that the madrassa students that have threatened the church since 2008 belong to the Sunni Tehrik extremist group.

Although pastor John and Bhatti had reported the threats, relatives say officers at the local station did not take them seriously and refused to register a First Information Report (FIR).

According to CDN, the shooting was confirmed by an independent government source who added that the media had not reported it because of pressure from local Muslims


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