No mercy for killers

21 Aug

Everyday is a new day and also full of surprises, but Pakistan is a country where pleasant surprises are no more possible. Each time, every surprise has to be more horrifying and unbelievable. The latest case of two young brothers who were lynched in Sialkot and that too in the presence of police has shocked everyone. The young innocent boys aged 18 and 16 went to play cricket after Sehri where a mob tortured them for two hours and then hanged them upside down.

The boys in their teens, fans of cricket, faced this brutal death at the time when they have just started dreaming for a bright future. They could not even in their wildest dreams imagine anything this brutal happening to them. But it happened. The presence of police at the scene is a proof that all big crimes take place with the best coordination with police. Their job was to save the boys and disperse that crazy mob but it happened otherwise. Later, the boys were accused of theft, robbery and murder but nothing can justify this barbaric treatment. No crime is big enough that it allows citizens to take law into their hands, but our law enforcement agencies allow this to happen. Now the Chief Justice of Pakistan has asked for investigation, but what will happen except those police officers will be sacked or transferred. Many suspects will be arrested, but will they ever get what they deserve?

In my view, all those who took part in this heinous crime deserve death sentence as anything less than that will never teach a lesson to those who in the name of enmity make life a joke. If the judiciary really wants to ensure justice and accountability then it has to make sure that all culprits meet the same fate, including police personnel. No mercy for killers who just look human but are worse than animals. Here it is the 21st century and I feel people are going backwards to the stone age. Insanity prevails….

Below is the story:

ISLAMABAD: Horrified by a brutal incident of vigilante justice, the Supreme Court on Friday came down hard on law-enforcement personnel and their superior officers who stood by and watched as two young brothers were tortured and then hanged by a mob in Sialkot.

It ordered Anti-Corruption Director General Justice (retd) Kazim Malik to investigate the matter. No-one would dare to take law into his own hands if police had the courage and command to eradicate such brutal and inhuman practices from the society, Chief Justice Iftikhar Mohammad Chaudhry observed while heading a bench which had taken a suo motu action on the matter.

On Aug 15, dozens of people publicly beat to death two young brothers, Hafiz Mughees, 15, and Hafiz Muneeb, 19, in the presence of Sialkot District Police Officer Waqar Chauhan and eight other police officers who watched the brutal act as silent spectators. The bodies were later hanged upside down on the chowk.

Litigants and counsel were shocked and the atmosphere became tense when the gruesome video footage aired by a private TV channel was shown in the courtroom. And it was too much to bear for the grief-stricken grandfather and father of the deceased who started wailing after watching it.

When DPO Chauhan informed the court that the SHO concerned had been arrested, but culprits were yet to be detained, the chief justice said he (Mr Chauhan) deserved to be suspended and sent to jail straightaway. The negligence shown by police could not be ignored, the CJ observed.

“What message have you given to the world about Pakistan,” he asked the DPO and said: “Nowhere in a civilised society such an incident takes place in the presence of police.”

He said the country was already facing disasters and crisis with people dying of hunger, but police were indulging in extra-judicial killings.

The chief justice deplored the apathy of top police officers and senior federal government officials who were aware of the incident.

“Not only it was the duty of police to stop those who were beating the two brothers, but the people in the mob should also have shown moral courage by preventing the beating,” the chief justice said.

Secretary establishment Ismail Qureshi, who had been urgently summoned, informed the court that there was no dearth of good and honest officers who could probe the matter independently.

The court ordered him to ask the Punjab government to take strict disciplinary action against Superintendent Police (investigations) Mohammad Afzal and DPO Chauhan.

The Inspector General of Punjab was directed to take strict action against the police officers who were present at the crime scene but did nothing to stop it. The case will be taken up again on Sept 1.

Our Sialkot Correspondent adds: District Police Officer Sialkot Waqar Ahmad Chauhan and SP investigation were made officer on special duty on Friday by the Inspector-General of Police, Punjab.

The police, meanwhile, registered a case against 14 policemen, including the suspended SHO, in the wake of the murder of two brothers on Aug 15.

Inspector Rana Mohammad Ilyas was SHO Sadar when the mob tortured the two brothers to death suspecting them to be robbers.


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2 responses to “No mercy for killers

  1. Farooq Jan

    August 21, 2010 at 7:30

    Insaaniat k Naam pe dabba he ye incident that can never be washed…

  2. Sadaf Arshad

    August 21, 2010 at 7:30

    Yes that is right. But only saying this will not bring justice. These people have to be punished in the same way otherwise it will be taken as a new trend….


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