I do not want to be an orphan..

22 Aug

Hello everyone,

Writing just to express what I am feeling these days and I believe most of the Pakistanis can relate to it. Many mind boggling incidents ranging from natural calamities to the ones man-made have paralyzed minds and hearts. New year is what I take as a beginning of another chapter of life with high hopes of seeing the world and my country as a better place to live, but how many times I could end the same year with contentment, none in my view. If I look back, 2005 has shaken us to the extent that people could not get back to normal life for months. Here comes 2010, where floods I thought would be as natural as they have always been with some casualties and deserted villages.

But I was so wrong and the previous weeks confirmed that nature was determined not to give us another chance. 20 million people in water everywhere, but not a single drop to drink and not a loaf of bread to eat. This crisis is beyond our imagination and beyond the capacity of government to control. It is said that international aid agencies have a system that can support one major disaster in a year. Bad luck for Pakistan that Haiti earthquake took a major chunk of aid and Pakistan flood victims are deprived of the same attention and aid. It could be one reason with many others like frustration of donors, lack of trust in government and image of Pakistan as a supporter and hub of terrorism. Leaving aside all reasons, I would suggest that we need to look at them as affectees and victims and just representatives of one particular country. This support from international community and people at home will help in ensuring their right to live and food.

A little while ago, I heard some noise, looked through a window and big drops of rain appeared as an alarm of a coming danger. All romance associated with rain has already died in me and now I can only think of floods in coming days in River Ravi.  Here the one- fourth of our population is struggling for life, and on other hand we are bent on taking lives of our youth. The recent incident of two young brothers lynched and then hung upside down on road has blown my mind. The video of this incident which we watch everyday, is still unbelievable. The height of barbaric attitude and that too coming from police not just people made me wonder how insane human beings have gone. It reminds me a world of jungle where all animals live many a times on each other’s flesh and blood.

It is the same world here where lawlessness has inspired people to take law into their hands and to satiate their thirst they look for some fresh blood. But it reflects a “sick mindset” and it became too obvious when I saw that mob consisting of kids, aged men and police torturing those innocent boys. Was that too much frustration or sickness which swallowed two beautiful kids? Butchers I always hated in my childhood assuming them the most insensitive people who play with blood. But now I see those butchers in new form who love human blood; sadist they are for sure.

Depressed people are for obvious reasons and reaching to a consensus that Pakistan’s time is about to be over. A world map without Pakistan is the next tragedy which we should all be prepared to see. I always knew that Pakistan is my reality, but underestimated that how much this country matters to me. All realities are cold and naked; and I loath to agree to this general consensus. But deep in my heart I am scared of the bad times, but still I want the world map with this country on it. Never for a second, I was ashamed of being what I am because I cannot disown my country. Pakistan is my identity and my religion and I do not want to be an orphan for the rest of my life.

No short cut and false hopes I have to offer, but just a belief that we need this country and cannot let it disappear. Last 60 years were not a fairytale, but we so far survived. People, one more time for the sake of your existence and identity, come out of this depressive darkness and decide to fight. If nothing else then all these things have made us strong enough to emerge as fighters. It will lead to victory one day. Hope, I need for my survival and I wish it will reach to all of you out there. This, too, shall pass….

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