Two more Ahmadis murdered in target killings

23 Aug

The principle of “live and let live” is no more valid in this part of the world. The desire to see the world around you having a perfect uniformity in mindset and beliefs remains unfulfilled, but leaves horrifying stories behind. The society has grown intolerant beyond understanding and the biggest cushion they could ever get has been offered in form of religion. Here the mechanics of religious bias and fervor work through high emotions, quite away from the world of rational. It is more like a jungle world where the atmosphere smells nothing like human but the human world smells like jungle with all wildness and brutality.

After two Christians were shot dead on blasphemy charges, two Ahmadis were just killed. Both are clearly target killing where it looks obvious that the motives behind are religious. It is a coincidence that both murders took place in Sindh and looks their religious identity dominated their national identity as Pakistanis which eventually could not be tolerated by some from majority.

Since 1984, Ahmadis have been paying the price for a crime which in the first place should have not been a crime, and if it is then death cannot be its punishment. How many more to go to end this intolerance is a question which arises after every murder. Quaid since beginning of Pakistan’s journey has made it clear that this land is for everyone from all religions and casts, but later “true Muslims” decided to kill the element of freedom and secularism existed earlier. And they did it very well.

Many people think in terms of solution to this insanity and so did I. We need to reach out to those religious people who are moderate and respect all regions. Those who believe in religious freedom and preach tolerance according to what Islam has taught them. The voice of secular sounds like “voice of a Kafir (infidel)” to extremists and the real message is somehow lost in the process. The killings are a constant reminder that as a society our growth has stopped somewhere and it is the decline of moral values and humanity. Modern world can offer us new gadgets to stay connected, but it still has not invented anything to transform human minds and hearts.

Statement by the Asian Human Rights Commission

Two more Ahmadis, Dr. Najam al-Hasan and Pir Habib al-Rehman have
been murdered in religiously motivated killings. Once again, no one
has been arrested and the likelihood of anyone being prosecuted is
virtually nil.

Dr. al-Hasan was leaving his clinic in Karachi, the capital of Sindh
province, and had just entered his car when he was shot dead by a
group of assailants, who remain unidentified. Dr. al-Hasan was just 39
years old and a professor at the Dow Medical University, Karachi.

Pir Habib-al-Rehman, a resident of Sanghar city, Sindh province, was
on his way to his farm when two masked assailants approached his
vehicle and shot him twice. One of the shots fired struck his head. He
was rushed to the hospital but was pronounced dead on arrival. Pir
Habib al-Rehman was a US citizen and had been in Pakistan on personal
business. He is the second US citizen in two years to be killed for
being an Ahmadi. In 2006 Pir Habib’s brother, Dr. Pir Mujeeb
al-Rehman, was also killed for being an Ahmadi Muslim in Sanghar city.
Previously in September, 2008, Dr. Abdul Mannan Siddiqi, also a US
citizen, was brutally killed in Mirpurkhas.

Since the anti-Ahmadiyya Ordinance XX in 1984, 20 Ahmadi doctors have
been killed in sectarian attacks, ten of whom were murdered in Sindh
province. Dr. Najam al-Hasan becomes the second Ahmadi to be killed in
Karachi this year because of his religion. Such violence is a result
of the continuing hatred that is spread throughout Pakistan against
Ahmadiyya Muslims.

Violent assaults against Ahmadis are carried out in the name of
religion and all too often they are premeditated and well organised.
It is most unfortunate that certain parts of the media in Pakistan are
being used to incite the sentiments of people against Ahmadis and
inflame the already raging fire of sectarianism in the country. It is
unacceptable that some of the main media and press is aiding the
fundamentalist and extremist agenda by openly declaring Ahmadis to be
Wajibul Qatl (must be murdered) which is leading to the deaths of
innocent Pakistanis. The fundamentalists encourage these deaths by
claiming that the killers will be entitled to place in heaven.

The recent attacks on Ahmadis in Lahore have shown that it is open
season for extremist and fundamentalist mullahs to spill their venom
against Ahmadis which has resulted in the persecution of Ahmadis in
various cities and towns of Pakistan. This lack of law and order is
resulting in increasing agitation and lawlessness in Pakistan which
does not bode well for the country moving forward.

It is also deplorable to learn that during the current national
emergency (flooding) Ahmadi victims have been denied aid and have been
turned away from shelters. In view of the fact that the government of
Pakistan has been asking for millions of dollars in international aid
they have a duty to explain this to the funding countries. The aid is
being provided for all Pakistanis and this includes the extremists,
fundamentalists, Ahmadis and Christians alike. The AHRC calls on the
government of Pakistan to end this inhumane and barbaric treatment.

The AHRC urges the authorities in Pakistan to safeguard the security
and dignity of all its citizens irrespective of race, religion or
creed. In particular it is the Ahmadis who have been denied basic
fundamental human rights and whose tormentors and killers are never
brought to justice.

In the case of the recent killings the government of Pakistan must
show its sincerity to the world and the countries funding the aid by
ensuring that minority groups will receive the same degree of aid that
the majority are receiving. The killers of Dr. Najam al-Hasan and Pir
Habib al-Rehman must be brought to justice.


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    August 24, 2010 at 7:30

    No one has claimed responsibility for the killing. Security Gadgets


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