37 Ahmadis killed in Sindh so far….

21 Mar

The culture of giving Fatwas must end in a country which has not yet touched the edge of maturity. The Fatwas when given in routine and without any thinking behind it create havoc. Pakistan, unfortunately, is one of the countries which are fighting a strong wave of extremism and simultaneously mishandling the strategies to bring back the society to normal. Needless to say, the country since beginning has chosen the path that led to assassinations and intolerance. Liaqat Ali Khan to Shahbaz Bhatti, the journey has been ridden with thorns and today we stand not united rather confused and disintegrated.

The irony is that the minority of sub-continent has fought for a separate homeland and succeeded well in 1947, but the same lot has denied its minorities their rights. An Ahmadi has no rights when in Pakistan including his right to life. The incident published in a newspaper tells the story of target killing of an Ahmadi who happens to be the first in 2011 in Sanghar. In fact, according to Anti Ahmadiyya Ordinance 1984, the province Sindh has killed 37 Ahmadis for the identity this country has given them, now what they asked for it.

Today, in 21st century, do we still need to listen to Fatwas which ask you to end a human life and take law in your hands? Do we still want a country where our own people have no rights and begging for their lives?  If we do not want this then it is the time to decide to respect humanity and value human life. Rise above everything and let the goodness, preached in all religions, prevail.


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3 responses to “37 Ahmadis killed in Sindh so far….

  1. mahmood

    April 4, 2011 at 7:30

    yes. we must stop this extremeism in Pakistan if we want that this country may servive

  2. bank accounts offshore

    April 10, 2011 at 7:30

    Having been overpowered oppressed and denied the freedom to choose our faith and practice it we sought refuge in your country choosing you in preference to all other rulers hoping that in your refuge we would suffer no injustice. Negus immediately recognized the truth of Jaafar s statement and guaranteed that the Muslims would stay in his kingdom unmolested and unharmed.

  3. avtobazar

    April 15, 2011 at 7:30

    Thanks – where is article source?


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