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MCP condemns attack on a Sindhi journalist

LAHORE, 13 Oct: The Media Commission expressed shock at the harassment of Mahesh Kumar and attack on his car. Kumar, chief editor of Daily Sindh Hyderabad and a member of South Asian Free Media Association (SAFMA) Hyderabad chapter, went to the press club at night where some unidentified people opened fire on his car. Later, he was threatened on phone of dire consequences.

Such harassment to an old friend of SAFMA, who belongs to a minority group, is highly condemnable, said I. A Rehman, president of MCP. The obvious rise in attacks on the journalist is a worrying sign and gives more strength to impunity. We call upon Karachi Chief Minister Qaim Ali Shah to investigate this matter and reasons behind the harassment of journalists

On a positive note, the MCP welcomes the unconditional release of Rehmatullah Dawar after 61-day captivity.


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Minorities suffer beyond borders…

The Church after the attack

I am not writing it in defence of this country-Pakistan- or presenting any justification of what abnormality the country has shown towards the minorities. But a broader picture of the injustice committed against the marginalized sections of the society suggests that Pakistan has joined the ship where other countries including the Arab world also do their bit.

The clashes between Muslims and Christians in Cairo have given the country a tough time, leaving 51 people injured, according to the health ministry. The week-long clashes broke out following an attack on two churches which has taken 12 precious lives.

Attacking churches does not sound new to our ears as we have seen it happening in Pakistan for multiple reasons. The comparison I am drawing here that the root cause of this attack happened far away in Egypt is found here commonly and has flared up people’s emotions to the extent that they burnt Christians alive in past. Some Muslims in Cairo surrounded the church demanding Christians to hand over a woman, they said Christians had detained after she converted to Islam and left her Christian husband to marry a Muslim.

In protest, when Christians were staging a sit-in outside the state television building, an altercation between a Muslims and Christians has further intensified the situation. A protest mourning the killing of 12 people brought injuries to 51 other people. It is not a good situation and the queasy feeling it has stirred are hard to counter. The danger for something worse is now lurking in the minds and hearts of 10 to 15 million of Christians in Egypt who are called Copt.

Christians clash with police and Muslims

Religion is not a property which empowers anyone enough to decide others fate and assigns his new role as a custodian of any religion. Muslims must prepare themselves of letting go of the feeling that they are somewhat ‘superior’ because God has sent them the last Holy Book—Quran.  There is no Jabar, force, allowed when one preaches religion as your actions speak louder than words. The precedent the Islamic world is setting is unacceptable because a ‘perfect world’ does not exist. A world only for Muslims will again not bring any solution because they themselves are divided and any new sect is enough to challenge their little kingdom they are building on the blood of innocent people.

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Even death is not easy if you are an Ahmadi…

I look forward to the day when I have something pleasant and positive to share with you. But today again something very depressing, ugly, and unfair forced me to express what I feel, but with a heavy heart. I am proud of being a Pakistani because I value this independence and freedom we have as citizens of this country. What could have been our lives in Hindustan If we still share a country with those who deny us our rights and freedoms on the basis of religion?  This thought makes me shudder and I can say with much confidence that it happens with many of us. Then how people of a country who have fought for their rights being a minority can give the same treatment to their minorities?

In my view, it is sheer hypocrisy and the recent incident is an insult to humanity. The police in Sargodha district of Punjab province has forced a family to to exhume the body of one of their family members, Shehzad Waraich, because he is an Ahmadi and has no right to be buried in a Muslim graveyard. Apparently, the police was asked by some religious clerics to do so and the police did it as a preventive measure to control the law and order situation.

1984 will always be remembered as a black spot on Pakistan’s history because it divided our society further. Ahmadis were declared non-Muslims and restricted from following many religious practices. Since then an unending chain of violations, prejudice, hatred and torture has been continuing. Since 84 almost 30 cases of humiliating dead from Ahmadi community have been registered.

I always preferred to assume that we still respect dead ones at least regardless of their religion, but such incidents take that assumption away from me. No, we are all strong defenders and protectors of “our religion” that we exhume the dead and ask the relatives to bury him somewhere else because he is not “one of us”. What religion such people actually follow which preaches to humiliate those who are no more the part of this world is beyond my understanding? The influence of religious clerics cannot be and should not be  that strong to manipulate police job unless the police also believes in this division and humiliation.

This is not an ordinary incident which can go unnoticed and I expect a strong reaction from all those who believe in humanity. And I am hoping to see some strong action against those police officials and the religious clerics who are at the forefront to defame Islam and humanity. We badly need to change our perspective and mindset and only a healthy mind can ensure a healthy society. We are stinking and the stench is strong enough to hide.

Below is the story:

Pakistan Ahmadi man forcibly exhumed

Police in Pakistan have forced a family of the Ahmadi sect to exhume the body of a relative because it was buried in a Muslim graveyard.

Officials in the Sargodha district of Punjab province say they took the unusual move after anti-Ahmadi Muslim groups threatened peace in the area.

Ahmadis consider themselves Muslims but a 1984 law barred them from identifying themselves as followers of the faith.

The law also put restrictions on their religious practices.

‘Law and order situation’

Shehzad Waraich, a farmer in the Bhalwal area of Sargodha district, died on 30 October and was buried in a shared graveyard designated by the government.

“The police approached the relatives of Mr Waraich on 31 October and asked them to remove the body from the Muslim graveyard as this could lead to a law and order situation,” Salimuddin, an Ahmadi community spokesman, told the BBC.

“The family complied with the request and exhumed the body. They have now buried it in a different graveyard reserved for the Ahmadis several miles away from the village.”

The police said the family was asked to exhume the body because the burial was “illegal”.

“They buried Mr Waraich in a Muslim graveyard, which is against the law,” Javed Islam, the Sargodha district police chief, told the BBC.

“Members of the Khatm-e-Nabuwat organisation and some local people approached the police and conveyed their objection to the burial. The objection was within the ambit of the law, so we acted accordingly,” he said.

Khatm-e-Nabuwat is an anti-Ahmadi religious organisation that acts as a watchdog on their activities.

Mr Islam said that he was not concerned about the moral aspect of the exhumation of Mr Waraich’s body – his job was to enforce the law.

Ahmadis in Pakistan are often mobbed and lynched by extremist elements who critics say are encouraged by favourable laws.

The Ahmadi spokesman, Salimuddin, said it was the 30th incident since 1984 in which an Ahmadi body has been forcefully exhumed by the administration to satisfy the opponents of the community. “The administration always sides with our opponents, and has a convenient argument that they are trying to maintain peace,” he said.


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